Meet Dr. Kimberly Alexander

Though many know Dr. Alexander as a speech language pathologist, a minister, a professor, Pastor’s wife and mother, one of her passions has always been investing in the lives of women, especially those who lead whether in the market place, the church or the home. She is intentional in challenging herself as well as others to go and grow deeper. As a spiritual mentor, she is known for her authenticity, wisdom, and challenging call to spiritual formation. She is also equipped to provide Spiritual Direction sessions through her training with Leadership Transformations, Inc.

Dr. Alexander provides leadership to women in various settings and as a licensed minister she finds joy in speaking-sharing the Gospel and teaching God’s word.  Many say she is able to see into the Biblical text to unearth hidden treasures and share relevant and life changing lessons that both inspire and convict.

She has been formally mentoring souls since 1996.  After completing the Leadership Investment Intensive Mentoring Encounter in 2014, She served as affiliate mentor under the leadership and training of Dr. Alicia Chole for 3 years.  She enjoys empowering women to live in the fullness of their relationship with Christ. Her passion for Christ and desire to grow make her open to God’s call locally and internationally.

“As a licensed minister and pastor’s wife, I am blessed to give, go and grow as we journey together to become more of who God created us to be.”

She enjoys reading, jogging, and cooking and her favorite books other than the Bible include Anonymous by Dr. Alicia Chole and Emotionally Healthy Woman by Geri Scazzero.

You can find her in Charlotte, NC sharing life and love with her husband Bishop Claude R. Alexander, Jr., pastor of The Park Church and their two daughters, Camryn Rene Alexander and Carsyn Richelle Alexander.


What I am passionate about
  • Empowering women to live in the fullness of their relationship with Christ
  • The study and application of the Word of God
  • Holistic health integrating faith into all aspects of life, emotional, physical, spiritual and mental
My Focus
  • Pastors’ wives
  • Female Leaders in the marketplace, church and home
  • Businesses and Organizations – strengthening the soul and spiritual maturity of leaders
Something most people don't know

Despite my polished and graceful appearance, I fall down quite often. (I am very clumsy and accident prone.) Nevertheless, I am a thrill seeker who likes to scuba dive, zip line, run and dance

Education and Training
  • B.A. in Speech Language Pathology (1985), M.A. in Speech Language Pathology (1987), Licensed minister (2002), Doctor of Philosophy (D.Phil) (2013), Mentoring Encounter Alumni(2014), Affiliate Mentor with Leadership Investment Intensives(2015-2017)
  • Senior Faculty Leadership Transformations, Inc.
  • Mentor for National Association of Evangelicals -NAE Fuller Formation Group
Favorite Bible Character

The Samaritan woman at the well: Jesus made a trip just to meet her. She was forced to examine her interior life and saw her need for living water.  Her time with Jesus brought about a personal transformation that led her to tell others about Jesus. I am so excited Jesus made the sacrifice to meet me right where I was, despite my avoidance behaviors. He continues to make me examine my interior life and acknowledge my need for Living Water and I can’t help but share that with others.

What others have shared

“Needless to say, my heart has been touched immensely – as I sought God’s “prints’ throughout my life as well and even now, as I create margin in my walk toward the light of Christ’s joy and mercy in my “new-normal” body. My understanding of God and His love for me and all of His children has grown immensely during my work with Kim Alexander, a truly anointed mentor and friend who has gently prodded, inspired and loved me into His most capable hands.”- Lauren J.

“As a mentor, Kim is one that has been there and done that and gives you spiritual insight and Godly direction on how to do the same thing just with a little less agitation and drama. If I were to describe what makes Kim a great Mentor, it is that she is Godly, Prayerful, Honest, Open, Transparent and Sincere. Dr. Alexander walks the talk!” – Adrienne Teele Thomas, Pastor’s Wife”

Kim has been providing formal spiritual mentoring and direction since 1996. She lives true. As a woman, wife, mom, minister, and professional, Kim seeks God is a way that touches every area of her life. She is among the most integral and loving women I know. If you long to fuse strength with love, Kim is your mentor.
Dr. Alicia Chole

Author of The Sacred Slow

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