What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual direction involves an experiential awareness of God’s presence that leads to conversation, communion, and ultimately authentic transformation of the entire person by an internal yielding to the will of God.  Spiritual direction is listening to God in the context of listening to other people who yearn for a deeper experience of God and desire to integrate their faith into their daily lives.  

 Barry and Connoly (1982) define Christian spiritual direction as help given by one Christian to another which enables that person to pay attention to God’s personal communication to him or her, to respond to this personally communicating God, to grow in intimacy with this God, and to live out the consequences of the relationship. Spiritual direction here is grounded in the experiences associated with the development of an intimate relationship with God.

What is Spiritual Direction is NOT?


  • Spiritual direction is not pastoral counseling, psychological counseling, or psychotherapy, as it does not seek to solve a problem or provide analysis or reasons for problems. While these practices are problem centered and/or goal centered, spiritual direction is God centered. The focus of spiritual direction is to notice God’s activity as He invites you into a deeper relationship in the midst of what you are experiencing.
  • Spiritual Direction is not coaching or mentoring as no pre-set agenda or information is designed with goals, and accountability. Spiritual direction is about “being” and coaching is often about doing and creating action plans and accountability. While pastoral counseling, psychological counseling, psychotherapy, coaching and mentoring are all different, it is important to acknowledge that each one has value and can occur in addition to spiritual direction.

“Growing in faith requires a growing attentiveness to perceive where God is active and to where we are being led. One of the key questions in overcoming spiritual deafness and blindness is: Where is God active in my life or community right now?”

Henri Nouwen


Who is Spiritual Direction for?

  • Those who desire to grow in their faith journey
  • Those who long to discern the voice of God and grow closer to God
  • It is most beneficial for those who are already established in the essential knowledge and practice of the Christian life

What Typically Happens in a spiritual direction session?

  • Because spiritual direction occurs in an atmosphere of quiet centering and prayerful listening there will be
  • One or more periods of silent listening prayer
  • Silent pauses to listen and notice more deeply what the Holy Spirit may be saying
  • Opportunities to explore, grieve, rejoice and wrestle with what God seems to be putting His finger on in your life
  • Questions that seek to draw you into God’s presence and have you notice God’s presence and invitations in the midst of your daily life experiences.

Sessions are confidential and usually occur monthly for one hour but can be determined by your needs.

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Appointments are held in person or through video-conferencing.

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