Contemplative Online Course

This online course connects you with experienced spiritual teachers while giving you space to practice, apply and experience spiritual formation while growing deeper roots at your own pace.

Courses are customized specifically to meet your needs and/or the needs of your team.


Personalized e-courses provide you with the opportunity to address Biblical and practical approaches to your spiritual formation and study at your own pace.


You will receive a passcode to log on a teaching platform from your desk-top computer, laptop or phone. Weekly you will receive interactive lessons with video, visuals, reading, reflection questions and exercises.

Monthly virtual visits are included to review and discuss the lessons with you and/or your team, facilitated by Dr. Kim Alexander.

Content can be customized to meet your needs or the needs of your group for 60 days, 90 days or 120 days.

Examples of courses include: Discerning the Voice of God, Soul Care-Building leadership from the inside out, and Deeper Roots Soul Care- Building Blocks, Blueprints, Construction, Architectural Development and Interior Design for the Soul of your business.

      Please take some time to pray about and answer the following questions: 

      Please take some time to pray about and answer the following questions: 

      1. What are the core values for your business? 
      2. How do YOU personally listen for direction from the Lord? 
      3. What spiritual disciplines do you currently practice as a team/organization? 
      4. What tools do you currently have in place to listen for your organization? 
      5. What practices do you use for conflict resolution within your organization? 
      6. What do you envision as the end result of this consultation?