Discerning God’s Will
for your Business

Group Spiritual Direction for Leaders

Leadership requires that we be led by the only one who knows all things. In order to be leaders who lead with integrity of heart and skillfulness of hand we must seek to know what is on God’s heart for us as leaders, both individually and collectively. Seeking God together with those who work alongside you is critical. Forming the core of your organization should involve contemplative practices of listening, discerning, understanding our diverse values and views and walking together toward common goals that glorify the Lord.

As a consultant to your business, I can provide a structured plan to walk with you and those you lead to sharpen your skills to listen and be present for what is on the heart of God for your business.

Leadership teams can become communities of discernment through cultivating:

  • Commitment to personal and corporate growth in listening to the Spirit and surrendering to God’s will
  • Healthy team culture
  • Processes that aim for discernment rather than mere decision making

Spiritual leadership is rooted in discerning and doing the will of God. To exercise spiritual leadership, individual leaders and teams consistently ask: What is the mind of Christ on this matter? The capacity to recognize and respond to the activity of God is cultivated through prayer, times of quiet listening, and attentiveness.

Lindsay Olesberg

Services Provided

  • Spiritual Direction Session for Key Leader
  • Lessons on contemplative practices

  • Workshops on integration of contemplative practices

  • Group Spiritual Direction

  • Two – full day Leadership Retreats (one at the beginning and one at the end)

Goals and Objectives

  • Learn spiritual disciplines for meeting God in Scripture, personal reflection, community, and prayer
  • Personal discernment and integration into the life of the group/team/organization
  • Deepen communal trust, love, and understanding with your team
  • Integration of discernment into leadership practices
  • Crafting a Rule of Life for your business

Workshops Suggested

  • Spiritual Transformation Practices 
  • Listening: Hearing and Heeding 
  • Power of Diversity: Unity/Unanimity and Communication 
  • Discernment as a group 
  • Development of a Covenant 
  • 90 day, 6 month and 12 month programs also available 

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