Soul Care Retreats

The Lord often says, “come away with me to a quiet (remote) place and get some rest”. The Lord desires we clear out distractions. 

Mark 6:31 He models this for the disciples and for us.

Ruth Haley Barton says, ”Going on retreat is like a boat entering into the lock in order to rise to new heights. When I don’t enter into the lock at regular intervals, my life will just keep sinking to the level of the culture around me and to the level of my own unexamined inner world.”



      We need times of refreshing. Our culture is fast paced, frenetic and production focused. We need time to release, to reflect and to refill. Taking the time for a retreat allows us to hear, to sit in His presence and to intentionally withdraw to focus on being rather than doing.

      Retreat is an extended time apart for the purpose of spending time with God and attending to His voice. Retreat creates more space for God- to give attention to Him. On a spiritual retreat we embrace the sacred slow and begin to experience what it means to “Be still and KNOW that He is God.”

      Our retreats are customized for your soul care needs and can have some structure or they can be personal prayer retreats with silence and solitude.

      Ruth Haley Barton calls retreat “an invitation to recalibrate”. When we are traveling on the highway through beautiful scenery we often focus on the road and don’t slow down long enough to notice all God wants us to see. Make retreats part of your regular practice and make room to spend some quality time with the Lord

      Market rates for retreats for individuals and groups vary by the nature of the retreat. There is no fixed price, as pricing is customized to meet your needs based on the size of the organization and length of the retreat. Price should not hinder you from making time for a retreat. Please contact us for more information.